How To Clean Shower Glass Doors? 

How To Clean Shower Glass Doors: Don’t you hate it when the shower door gets gross and cloudy? Soap scum can be hard to eliminate, but there are a few tried-and-true ways to do it.

In this guide, I’ll discuss…

  • Use vinegar with high acidity to clean.
  • The vinegar and dish soap trick. For tough stains, I recommend Bar Keeper’s Friend. I am using a squeegee to stop soap scum.

Use Cleaning Vinegar with a High Acidity

White vinegar is probably the most well-known cleaner for shower glass. However, many people are unaware that there is a cleaning vinegar with up to 10% acidity, as opposed to the standard 5% acidity. This cleaner vinegar with higher acidity is great for cleaning glass shower doors, but wear gloves, so you don’t obtain it on your skin.

Spray the cleaning vinegar on the glass shower door and wait 5–10 minutes to let it soak and lighten the soap scum. After it has soaked, you can use a sponge, a soft wire brush, or a microfiber cloth to clean the glass door. After scrubbing the glass shower door, you can rinse it off with the shower head or a small bucket of water.

Mix vinegar and dish soap in equal parts

I think you should add dish soap to the vinegar if the soap scum is really hard to get rid of. All you have to perform is place equal amounts of vinegar and dish soap (like Dawn) in a spray bottle and occupy the rest with regular water. Once the spray bottle is full, please give it a good shake to ensure the solution is well mixed.

Now, spray this shower glass cleaner on the door and wait 5 minutes. Now, spray this cleaning fluid on the glass shower door and let it sit for 5 minutes. Then you scrub the shower door with a sponge or microfiber cloth. After rinsing it with clean water, the soap scum should come off easily.

Barkeeper’s Friend For The Toughest Stains

Bar Keepers Friend, or BKF, is a tried-and-true cleaner for all household items, but it works especially well on glass shower doors. This is the best way to eliminate mineral deposits and soap scum that won’t come off your shower door. The powdered cleaner from Bar Keepers Friend will get rid of hard water spots, soap scum, and other things that are hard to clean.

Put some of this powder in a spray bottle and shake it up. Then, shower it on the glass shower door. In the same way, you can mix BKF and water in a bowl and rub it on the glass shower door. Allow it to pose for 5–10 minutes, and then utilize a sponge or microfiber cloth to remove the soap scum.

How To Clean A Glass Shower Door?

You will probably do all you can to keep your glass shower door clean after cleaning it, and using a squeegee after every shower is the easiest way of keeping your shower door spotless. The water and soap won’t dry on the glass if you use a squeegee. This is the same as drying your car with a gentle rag after washing it. It would help if you moved the squeegee from the top of the shower door to the bottom. 

Natural Cleaning Supplies

Natural cleaning products are the best way to keep your glass shower door clean and safe for you and your family. Most of these things are probably already in your house.


Fill a spray bottle with equal parts water and vinegar and use it to clean both sides of your bath door. Let it sit for several minutes, then clean it with warm water. Wipe the glass with a dry, soft cloth to ensure all solutions are gone. Since vinegar is acidic, it works better than other things to eliminate hard water deposits.

Baking Soda

Spread the baking powder across the glass shower door with a damp cloth. Allow it to pose for several minutes, and then use a detachable showerhead or a small bucket to rinse it with warm water.

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Lemon Juice

Lemon juice can help get rid of minerals because it has citric acid. Either use the juice straight or mix it with water 1:1 and put it in a spray bottle. Then, spread it all over the crystal and wait a few minutes. Then use a soft, dry cloth to wipe it down. You can also reduce a lemon in half, rub it on the surface of the glass, and then rinse.

Commercial Cleaning Supplies

There are many products for cleaning the glass that can eliminate tough stains that regular and organic cleaning products can’t. Try your local department store or grocery store for high-quality products, or talk to a shower glass company. To ensure the glass doesn’t get broken, you should buy a cleaner with a pH between 7 and 8.

Before you use these products, make sure the door is completely dry. Some products say to let the cleaner sit for a few minutes before using a soft, sticky gunk cloth or sponge to scrub the surface lightly. Acid-based cleaners, combing pads, and sharp objects should be avoided because they can damage the glass. Also, wear gloves, so chemicals don’t get on your skin.

Non-Commercial Cleaning Supplies

You can clean glass shower doors with other things you might have around the house.

Essential Oils

Tea tree oil is the essential oil that can be used to clean glass shower doors. You can utilize them by themselves or unite them with other cleaning products. Mix a few drops of tea tree oil, peppermint oil, and hydrogen peroxide, for example.

This will make a cleaning solution good at getting rid of mold and mildew but might not be as good at getting rid of hard water stains. Transfer the liquid into a squeeze bottle and mist it all over the glass. Once the solution is on the whole surface, let it sit for at least 60 minutes and rinse with warm water.

Hydrogen Peroxide

When mixed with water and a few declines of mild dish soap, hydrogen peroxide is used to clean glass shower doors. Spray the mixture on the glass door, letting things sit for a few minutes, and then rinse it with water. Tap the door with a dry cloth to eliminate any extra water.

This cleaning method is thought to be the best for regular maintenance. Only regular cleaning and maintenance will keep hard water and soap scum from ruining the look of your glass shower door. These tips can help whether you want to clean it every day or every few weeks.

But it’s up to you to select which cleaner or method to use. Remember that it’s best to clean your crystal shower door often so that it doesn’t get too dirty and become harder to clean. But if you don’t have the energy or time to do it, you can always call a nearby shower glass company to do it for you.


To clean a glass shower door, spray it with a high acidity level of vinegar and rub the soap scum off. But mixing dish soap and vinegar in equal parts should work for shower doors that are hard to clean.

And Bar Keepers Friend is the best way to clean tough, dirty glass shower doors. Bar Keeper’s Friend should be mixed with warm water, and a spray bottle is the best way to do this. Spray this solution on the glass shower door, let it sit for a few minutes, and then use a sponge to clean it.