Easy Ways To Clean Weathertech Mats

WeatherTech floor mats have helped many people who own cars. Even though my kids try to clean my van, I know they do a great job of it. But getting a WeatherTech floor mat as clean as the day you bought it can be hard.

Fortunately, stains that would normally ruin a floor mat can be cleaned. At first, the cleaning process might seem easy, but it takes some work to get a deep clean. You can take some easy steps to make sure it looks brand new when you’re done.

Most people drive their cars daily, so they get dirty quickly. Dirt, food spills, road salt, and other things can make your foot liners look bad. These give a bad impression of how well your car is taken care of. In this article, we’ll discuss how to clean WeatherTech mats and make them look new.

What is different about WeatherTech floor mats?

What’s different about these WeatherTech mats from other mats? As the name implies, these mats work best in all kinds of weather, especially bad weather. Because it is created of a special material, it will last a long time and protect your car’s floor from water, salt, and mud.

The best thing about these WeatherTech foot liners is that they are made to handle the worst weather conditions, no matter where you put your feet or how dirty they are. Dirt won’t get on Weather Tech mats. On the other hand, standard mats would let this water and dirt get into the carpet if it was bad enough.

The way these floor liners fit is also great. If you buy floor liners for the front and back of your car, you will find that they do a wonderful job of covering and protecting all the floor space that can be reached. The winter is the best time for me to use these mats.

You don’t have to worry about salt stains on your carpets in the spring. Or, the salt and water could leak through the carpet and into the floor pan even though the price might be a big reason to buy these floor mats. If you want to keep the inside of your car clean, I will tell you they are worth the price. Think of them as a shield for the floor of your vehicle.

How hard are WeatherTech mats to clean?

The best method to clean these mats is simple. With a little effort and the right cleaner, these mats are easy to clean and will look good as new in no time. Most people wash their foot liners too hard, which is a mistake.

When all else fails, you could have to use a pressure washer to clean them. Since the material these floor mats are made of is delicate, strong stains show up clearly. This plan doesn’t always work best.

Use gentle cleaners to look clean

It would be helpful always to remember to use a safe interior cleaner when cleaning the inside of your car. A bunch of companies creates cleaning products that are safe to use inside. Chemical Guys, ArmorAll, and Meguiars make great cleaning products that keep your car’s interior safe. If you aren’t careful, harsh chemicals could ruin the look of the mats as a whole.

Even though WeatherTech floor liners do a great job of keeping your floors clean, you will still need to wash them from time to time to keep them clean. Just because they don’t get as dirty doesn’t mean you should pay less attention to them. Also, if you clean it well, dirt and other residues on your car’s carpet are less likely to get there.

So let’s obtain started and study how to clean WeatherTech floor mats. First, pull the floor mats out of the car. You’ll have to take the hooks out of each hole in the mat. Once you’ve completed this, you can carry the mat out of your car. Be careful when you take the floor mats out of the car. The parts of floor mats for minivans will be very narrow.

Don’t try to pull the floor mats apart by pulling on them. Carefully pull them out of the places where they get stuck. WeatherTech floor mats can get torn if you don’t treat them right. Once you took the mats out of the car, you probably realized it was a job in and of itself. Soak them with the garden hose to remove any mud or loose dirt on top of the floor mats.

Use Surface Cleaner

I let the water sit on the mat for a while before adding a cleaner. It breaks up the dirt that doesn’t want to come off and helps the soap do its job better. Spray a surface cleaner on the floor mat as the next step. When I need to clean my WeatherTech floor mats, I use Spray Nine or Simple Green. Spray lots of it on the floor mat.

Next, clean the floor mat with a brush with stiff bristles. Because of how the floor mats are made, you have to scrub in a circle to ensure that all the dirt gets out. I find that a brush with stiff hair works best, like the one in the picture. After scrubbing the mat hard, let it sit again so the soap can work on the dirt that won’t come off easily.

During this step, try not to let the soap dry on the mat. Wash the mat and look at it. You will have to start over if it has been a long time since you last washed them. Once the dirt is gone, ensure no soap is left behind. Let the mat dry in the air. Once the mat is completely dry from air drying, you should use a surface protectant to keep it safe.

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Use the right protectant after washing

WeatherTech says that you shouldn’t use a protectant spray made with silicone. ArmorAll or other surface protectants are used on these floor liners, making them slippery. Use the WeatherTech FloorLiner and Floor Mat Protectant instead. If you use this product, your floor mats will get the protection they need, and the surface will stay safe. Once this product dries, it will make the mat less likely to slip.