Best Ways To Clean Outdoor Cushions (Step-By-Step Guide)

With nice weather, good friends, or just a good book, there’s no better place to relax than on the Outdoor Cushions. Being outside is always more fun and freeing, as long as you have a nice place to hang out. The furniture is a big part of the patio nice. 

This includes the seating arrangement that most homeowners finish with a set of comfortable patio chairs. And with them come the chair cushions and maybe some decorative pillows. Unfortunately, outdoor cushions are exposed to the elements and get dirty and also stained over time. 

This isn’t the case with indoor furniture. Even worse, they often get dirty with bird poop, mold, and tree sap, which all leave ugly stains that could be permanent if they aren’t cleaned up quickly. When outdoor cushions are this dirty, they can’t be used until they are cleaned. 

So, unless the cushion covers are removable and can be washed in the washing machine, you will need to learn how to clean your outdoor cushions to keep your patio chairs clean and ready to use all year. Today, Maid For You will show you a simple way to clean outdoor chair cushions and get rid of stains using things you already have at home.

Steps to Cleaning Outdoor Cushions

This method is highly recommended for regular cleaning to eliminate soft dirt and stains and make the cushions smell better. How often the cushions need to be cleaned will depend on how often they are used and also how much dirt and debris they get. With this method, you don’t need special cleaners, tools, or products to clean outdoor chair cushions. This makes it even easier.

Things You Will Need

  • Soft brush to clean
  • Vacuum cleaner (preferably handheld device)
  • Water bucket
  • Soap for washing dishes
  • Borax
  • Towel is dry

Gather the abovementioned things, and then follow the steps below to clean your outdoor cushions.

Step 1: Vacuum

Use a vacuum attachment for the upholstery to clean the cushion well. This includes the tricky seams and corners where dust and also dirt tend to gather. The goal is to obtain as much dirt, dust, debris, and dried mud/grass on the surface as possible. This step will make your outdoor cushions look much better and brighter. To take care of outdoor cushions and pillows, you should vacuum them regularly with an upholstery brush.

Step 2: Scrub

You will require to make a DIY cleaning solution for your outdoor cushions to get rid of light stains, dirt, and dullness caused by the weather. Fill a bucket with water, add 1/4 cup of Borax and one tablespoon of dishwashing liquid, and also stir the water well to mix the ingredients.

Then, sink your soft-bristled brush in the cleaning solution and scrub the cushion well. Don’t forget to clean the sides and corners as well. At this point, pay close attention to stains to make sure you put a little more effort into those spots. When you’re done scrubbing, wait a few minutes before moving on to the next step.

Step 3: Rinse

It’s important to thoroughly rinse the cleaning solution because any residue left on the surface will make the material stiff. The simplest and most useful method to clean your outdoor cushions is with a hose. Make sure to use a medium amount of water pressure, as anything stronger could hurt the material. If you don’t have a tube, you can take the cushion into the bathroom and run water over it.

Step 4: Dry

First, squeeze out as much water as feasible from your outdoor cushions. This will help them dry faster. Safely do this by putting the fabric down on a clean, hard surface and gently pressing down it with your palms and also fingers. Do this on both sides and different parts of the cushions to get as much water out of the stuffing as possible. To finish, stand the cushion up and let it dry completely in the air.

How to Clean Outdoor Cushions Stains

For particular stains that don’t come out with a standard cleaning method (like the one above), spot treatment with a particular cleaning solution will be needed to eliminate them. Remember, though, that stains get harder to get out the longer you let them stay. Take a look at these hints for cleaning outdoor cushions to get rid of common stains:


Wipe up the spores with a damp cloth to start. Next, spray the stain with raw white vinegar and let it sit for 10 to 15 minutes. After that, scrub the area with a cleaning brush with soft bristles. The vinegar will help break down the mold or mildew stain, and then you can clean up the rest with water and dish soap.


Cornstarch or baking soda can be used to eliminate fresh oil or grease stains caused by suncream, body lotion, bug spray, etc. Spread the powder, over-stain, and let it soak up the oil for a while. 

It might bring up to 20 minutes to finish. Next, use a spoon, an old credit card, or a butter knife without blades to scrape off the baking soda and cornstarch softly. If the stain isn’t completely gone, put a few drops of water on the spot and try again.

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An enzyme-based cleaning product is the best method to eliminate grass stains on outdoor cushions. You must mix the product with water, put it on the stain, and scrub it off with a soft cleaning brush. Finish by giving the area a good rinse.

Tree Sap

For tree sap stains, you should also use a cleaner with enzymes. Sprinkle pureed laundry detergent over the small amount you put on the stain. When you mix the two amounts, you should get a paste that you can work into the fabric with a soft brush. After 15 minutes, give the pillow a good rinse.

Since dust and dirt tend to settle on outdoor cushions, they need to be cleaned often, which most people don’t like. But if you follow a simple, quick, and effective cleaning method like the one above from Maid For You, cleaning your outdoor cushions is easy, and the results are great!