Best Ways To Clean Velvet Couch

One of your favorite pieces of furniture is your velvet couch. It’s soft, plush, and great for cuddling up on. But it can get stained and dirty over time. Don’t worry, and we can help! We’ll show you how to clean a velvet couch, which looks new in this blog post. So, we’ve got you covered whether you need to clean up a fresh spill or give your couch a deep clean.

Cleaning supplies for velvet couches

So let’s get started! First, you’ll require to obtain your supplies together. You’ll need the following for this project:

  • A vacuum cleaner that arrives with a smooth brush
  • A lint roller
  • A spray bottle filled with water 
  • mild detergent
  • A white, clean cloth
  • Wet towel

How to Clean a Velvet Couch

Once you have everything you need, you’re ready to clean! The first step is to vacuum your couch, just like cleaning a suede couch. Utilize the soft brush attachment on your vacuum cleaner to keep your velvet from getting damaged. Make sure to clean the whole couch, paying extra attention to any spots that look particularly dirty.

How to Get Creases Out of a Velvet Couch

Using a steamer to eliminate wrinkles on your couch is a great idea. A steamer will also help eliminate all the dust and dirt on the fabric. Lastly, steaming will help kill any germs or bacteria on the couch.

Here are some suggestions for steam cleaning velvet sofa:

  • First, vacuum your sofa to get rid of any dust or dirt.
  • Put distilled water in a steamer and turn it on the lowest setting.
  • Keep the steamer about 6 inches from the couch and clean small sections at a time.
  • Make sure to move the steamer so that no one area gets too hot.
  • After steam cleaning the couch, let it dry completely in the air before using it again.

Steam iron is another way to eliminate wrinkles in a velvet couch. Set the iron to the lowest heat that still lets steam come out. Hold the iron approximately six inches above the sofa and slowly glide it back and forth over the creased area until the wrinkles disappear.

Cleaning Velvet Couch Spots

After you vacuum, you should treat any stains. If the stain is fresh, utilize a clean white cloth to blot it up. Make sure not to rub the stain because that will make it spread. After blotting the discolored area, combine a small number of drops with water in a spray bottle and lightly mist the stained area.

Let the answer sit for several minutes before using a clean cloth to wipe it again. Keep doing this until the place is gone. You may need to put in a little extra effort if you have a more stubborn stain. Start by putting some mild soap and water in your spray bottle.

Then, put some of the solutions on a clean white cloth and scrub the stain. If you want to get stains out of velvet, make sure to rub in circles and don’t rub too tough, as this can harm the fabric. After removing the stain, rinse the affected area with safe water and pat it dry with a towel.

Keeping your sofa in good shape

Now that your couch is clean, you must stop it from getting dirty again. Using a lint roller regularly is the best way to do this. This will help eliminate any dust or dirt that might leave a mark. Also, it would help if you didn’t eat or drink on your velvet couch because you’re more likely to spill. If you do spill something, wash it up right away.

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How often should velvet furniture be cleaned?

How often you use your velvet couch will determine how often you need to clean it. As a general rule, vacuum it at least once a week and clean any stains immediately. If many people sit on your couch, you might need to vacuum and spot-clean it more often.

Tips for taking care of your velvet couch

  • Before cleaning your velvet furniture, check the labels to see what kind of fibers it is made of. Most of the time, you can be rougher with synthetic velvet than silk velvet.
  • Before you use any cleaning supplies, check them in a small area. Find a hidden part of the velvet and put a small amount of cleaning solution on it with your finger. Let it dry, and then notice what it does.
  • Keep your sofa away from the sun. Velvet can lose its color when it’s out in the sun. Consider getting a sofa cover if you’re leaving the couch for a long time, like when you go on vacation.
  • Don’t use anything stronger than mild detergent to clean your velvet sofa. Cleansers that are too strong can damage the fabric.
  • The best thing you can perform for your velvet sofa is to brush and vacuum it often. It will keep it looking clean and help you find any hidden stains.


So, there you go! How to wash a velvet sofa is all you need to know. Using these simple tips and techniques, your velvet furniture or reading chair will look as good as new in no time. Think of all the compliments your friends and family will give you when they see how nice your furniture looks.