Fastest Ways To Get Grease Out Of Carpet

One thing that makes you say “UGH” is when you have grease on your bed or carpet, and it doesn’t come off quickly. It’s frustrating to know that you can’t clean it, and calling a professional cleaner every time is not the answer.

How to Remove Grease from Carpets

There are some excellent ways to get grease out of the carpet, such as:

Baking Soda Treatment

The baking soda treatment is a good one that many people have tried and found to work. To do this, you need to take the steps given.

Remove the extra:

First, use a cloth or wet towel to remove the grease from the carpet. This will stop grease from getting into the carpet and make your job easier.

Pour baking soda over the remaining:

Pour baking soda on the stain and let it soak up the paint for a while. How well it works depends on how long you keep it. It can be as short as an hour or as long as a whole night. The cleaner the surface is, the more grease it soaks up.

Get your vacuum cleaners:

Now that you’ve let the soda soak up the oil, it’s time to see what happened. Use the vacuum cleaner to pick up all of the powder. If you get all the baking soda out of the carpet, it will be as clean as before.

Dishwasher and Wet Cloth

  • Solid grease is easy to get out of the carpet, but things get complicated when it gets stuck or soaked up into the carpet.
  • First, you need to use a toothbrush to eliminate all the solid grease. Pour some dish soap on the stain and scrub it well.
  • It needs to be brushed until the stain is gone.

Then, clean up the soap and grease mixed with a soft, wet cloth, and dry the carpet with a dry cloth. Using this method, you can eliminate all the fat in your carpet without hiring a professional and spending a lot of money. Many people with this problem use this method because it is reliable and works well.

Salinity and Rubbing Alcohol

Make a paste with salt and rubbing alcohol. To get the grease out of the carpet, dip a damp cloth into the mixture and rub it on the mat. Both of these solutions help get the stain off. Salts and alcohol can soak up liquids, making it easy to get rid of stains. Use the vacuum pump to remove the leftover stuff and clean up your carpet.

Spot Remover with Corn Starch

The best thing to use for this is corn starch spot remover. Sprinkling cornstarch on the sponge and rubbing it against the stain till the grease is absorbed is a method for removing grease stains. Rub them softly until the fat comes off, and then clean them with a vacuum.

Vinegar Degreaser

Using vinegar as a degreaser is a great way to eliminate grease. Vinegar has degreasing properties that help get all the dirt and grime out of your carpet and make it look clean and neat. Placing some drops of vinegar on the stain works well because the vinegar soaks up all the grease and leaves a clean surface.

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Useful Tips

  • Start the job immediately instead of putting it off, which will make it harder to get rid of the stain and make it harder to do the job well.
  • You can use fluids like nail polish or lighter fluid to make synthetic cleaning carpets easier and safer.
  • In all of the above solutions, rinse the grease with cold water.
  • Two different solutions can react in different ways. To protect the carpet, try to avoid chemical reactions that aren’t necessary.
  • We all know that wool has soft fibers, so to clean them safely, it should not be cleaned with bleach or ammonia.
  • Oriental carpets can’t be cleaned at home; we have to call in the experts.

How to clean dried grease off the carpet?

  • Mix 14 cups of mild liquid dish soap with 12 cups of hot water in a small cup.
  • To get rid of grease stains, soak a soft piece of cloth in this solution and hold it on the color for a while.
  • Leave the mixture on the spill for 5 minutes.
  • Use a clean, soft cloth to get rid of the stain.

How do you remove black grease stains from the carpet?

  • The mixture for washing dishes to the spot.
  • Use 5 mL of detergent with 1 L of hot water correctly.
  • Rinses the detergent off slowly with a warm, damp towel.
  • Use a clean, colorfast towel to dry the area.


Sometimes a crisis seems too big to resolve, but with some research and simple home remedies, you can get out of it quickly. What creates this even more interesting is that you can find many more answers and treatments for other problems while looking for one. We hope that the information above answers your question about getting grease out of the carpet.

Don’t worry about your favorite rug or carpet getting greasy spots and looking dirty. You can have a clean and neat carpet with just a few of the right things. So, why don’t you do it? Instead of going to a carpet store and spending a lot of money, you could immediately use some stuff from your kitchen to fix the problem.