Do Roombas Work On Carpet? (Explained)

Roomba Robot Vacuum Cleaners: Our homes don’t have only one kind of floor, that’s for sure. You probably have wood in your kitchen, carpet in your living room and bedroom, tile and linoleum in other rooms, and a few rugs here and there. But what is the biggest problem with most robot vacuums that have mapping?

If most of your floors are carpeted, you might be wondering if you should get a Roomba or not. Luckily, this brand’s robot vacuum cleaners work very well on all floors, including hardwood and carpet. They can move easily from one surface to another and clean up every mess on every surface every day.

Look at the sensors on the bottom of your Roomba.

When the vacuum moves to a new surface, it will give the signal and, if necessary, change the suction. Even though Roomba keeps your house clean daily, it is not strong enough for a deep carpet cleaning.

The stairs are another thing that this vacuum can’t go up or down. The Roomba has sensors that help it stop and turn when it sees a drop-off.

Roomba: Advantages and Disadvantages


  • This small device starts to clean quickly as soon as it turns on.
  • Your Roomba can tell when a room or area isn’t completely clean and go to work on it.
  • After setting a cleaning schedule, you can still leave the unit when you leave the house. When it needs to be charged, it will move to the dock station and do the job again.
  • It has sensors that tell them where the edge of the cliff is.
  • Roomba removes dust and other things that get stuck in your carpet, which helps it last longer.

One thing is for sure: Roomba has a lot of good things about it. However, like everything else in the world, it has some bad things.


  • Some of the sensors on a Roomba seem to be picky. For example, the device will probably not clean if it’s too dark to see an object. This often happens with the carpet.
  • It can’t pick up on things that are too small, in low places, or on clothes. Because of this, you should get rid of the electrical cables and clothes, or else the Roomba will move more slowly.
  • If your carpet or rug is old, the robot vacuum will likely damage it (e.g., causing spotty patches and loosening fibers).
  • This unit can’t do a deep clean, so it can only get rid of things on the surface.

Will your carpet get ruined by a Roomba?

As a robot vacuum, Roomba’s main job is, of course, to clean. Before buying, you should learn a lot about the surfaces on which it works. Most of the time, hardwood, tile, rugs, and carpets are some of our homes’ most common floor types.

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Why does the color matter?

Because of the sensors we talked about above, this is the case. If your Roomba considers your carpet is a ledge or a barrier, it will move away and not clean your carpet at all. You might think it’s bad, but what’s the point of having a robot vacuum if it can’t clean the carpet?

If your Roomba has long, loose fibers, it could also damage your carpet. Old carpets and rugs often look frayed and fluffy because the fibers come apart. It would be better if you told yourself that you need a new carpet when this occurs. But if you use Roomba, your carpet will wear out faster. Every carpet fiber gets torn apart by accident during cleaning, making the carpet look older after each cleaning.

Roomba won’t damage your carpet because it works fine with most of them. But depending on the type of carpet, its color, and how old it is, you may want to do some study before buying one.

How well does Roomba clean your carpet?

The 3-Stage Cleaning System from iRobot means that Roomba can still work on carpets.

When the machine moves on the carpet, its two brush rollers spin in opposite directions. These movements will stir all the dirt stuck in the carpet fibers. The suction will then be turned on to vacuum. The mess will be put in the dustbin on the Roomba.

Roomba vacuums are easy to move around and can work on thick and thin carpets. The dual brush rollers can be moved up or down, depending on your home carpet’s height.


The S9+ model is the best choice if you want to buy a Roomba that works well on carpet. It has better technology for cleaning and can get into corners better than other Roombas. The only terrible thing about it is that it costs a lot!