How To Vacuum Swimming Pool Without A Skimmers

One of the best methods to stay healthy is to swim. Swimming pool are always the best choice if you want to buy a private pool. But sometimes, there are no skimmers in these pools. If you believe an Intex pool without a skimmer, you might find it hard to clean.

This article thoroughly studies how to vacuum your pool to eliminate debris quickly. It will show you how to clean an Intex pool without a skimmer. A swimming pool makes your house look better. It gets dirty a lot, though. Most swimming pools come with a skimmer that can be used to vacuum the pool.

The skimmer takes the trash and other dirt out of the pool. But sometimes you don’t know the pros and cons of the swimming pool you buy. Because of this, you buy a collection without a skimmer, making it hard to vacuum the pool. Here are some steps to help you quickly clean your pool and eliminate all that annoying debris.

What is a Pool Skimmer?

A pool skimmer is an integral part of the system that cleans the pool. Its job is to keep things from floating on the water’s surface. It works by sucking up the water from the collection. 

It would help to buy a pool with a skimmer to keep your collection clean and ready to use. But not all of the pools have skimmers is a cause for concern. So, if you don’t have a skimmer, it becomes hard to vacuum the pool. If you follow the steps below, it will be easier to clean your pool.

Instruments You’ll Need Beforehand.

It’s not fun to swim in a dirty pool. No one wants to do something like that in a muddy puddle. So, it’s essential to keep your swimming pool clean and tidy. Without a skimmer, you’ll need a vacuum hose, skim vacuum plate, pool vacuum head, and telescoping pole to clean your pool.

Vacuum hose

A vacuum hose is a pipe usually permanently attached to another vacuum part. It cleans your pool by sucking up dirt and other debris. This is one of the main tools you’ll need to clean your Intex pool.

It connects to swimming pool systems.

It stays connected to the head of the vacuum. How long your vacuum hose is will depend on your pool size. Make sure the length of the vacuum hose you buy is long enough to reach your pool.

A Skim Vac / (vacuum plate)

This is another thing you need if you don’t have a skimmer to vacuum your pool. It keeps you from using the pump strainer basket, which requires turning the pool pump on and off. It lets you use the skimmer basket instead of the filter on the pump.

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Pool Vacuum Head

This is another essential tool for cleaning pools. The vacuum head for the collection can be used with any vacuum hose. So, you can select whichever one you want. Your pool’s surface is the only thing to think about. Some pool vacuum heads are made to be safe for vinyl, while others are not.

Telescoping pole

The next thing you need is a pole that can be stretched out. These poles work everywhere. So you don’t have to worry about them. They are also attached to hooks, nets, pool brushes, and skimmers. Even so, ensure your telescoping pole can reach the deepest and most remote parts of your Intex pool.

Time to manually vacuum your Intex pool.

You should already have everything you need to vacuum your Intex pool at this point. So, it would help if you didn’t wait longer to finish the job. So, let’s talk about the process in more detail right away.

Preparing the Vacuum

The first thing you need to do to vacuum your Intex pool is to prime the vacuum. You have to ensure the vacuuming system doesn’t have any air in it. Get rid of all the air in the method ahead of time so that the vacuum can work well and stay strong.

Getting rid of the air can keep your vacuum from losing its suction. To get the air out of the vacuum system, snap the vacuum head onto the telescoping pole and lower it into the pool water. Now you have to push the hose’s other end.

If you do this, you will see air bubbles floating from the vacuum head. This is a clear sign that the hose had air in it and that the bubbles are now coming out of it. You can move on when you don’t see any more bubbles coming out after a while. Here’s how to start up the vacuum.

Getting to the Pump

Connecting the vacuum system to the skimmer inlet is the second step in vacuuming an Intex pool without a skimmer. The pool pump’s suction pretty much powers this inlet.

Don’t forget to take the strainer basket off before connecting the hose’s open end to the skimmer’s inlet. One end of the vacuum hose is connected to the head of the vacuum. It would help if you joined the hose’s other open end to the skimmer’s inlet.

Vacuuming your pool

You are now on the third and most crucial step of how to vacuum an Intex pool without a skimmer. Now it’s time to clean the pool by moving the head of the vacuum back and forth around the pool’s surface. You have to keep doing this until the pool is clean.

When vacuuming your pool, you should also be aware that the vacuum may sometimes lose its suction power. If this happens, take the air out of the vacuum pump and then connect it to the inlet of the skimmer. In other words, you should do the first two steps again.

Cleaning the Equipment

This is the last step, but it’s not the least important. After you’ve cleaned your pool, it’s time to clean the vacuum you used to clean the pool. When vacuuming the pool, take the vacuum hose out of the port on the skimmer.

Now, wash the hose and the head of the vacuum with clean water to get rid of the chemicals. Make sure to wash them well, or the chemicals in the pool will be able to get to them. Put these instruments in the shade so the sun won’t damage them.

These elements are required to vacuum your Intex pool without a skimmer, as listed above. To summarize, the process goes like this. First, get all the air out of the vacuum hose to prime the system.

So, make sure there is no air in the hose. Second, attach the hose’s open end to the skimmer’s intake. The vacancy head must be committed to the other end. Third, clean your pool since everything else is done. Move the vacuum head over the pool’s surface to clean it well.