How To Get Play Dough Out Of Carpet (Step-by-Step Guide)

Play dough is a fun toy for all kids, and kids love to play with it. It’s also great for imaginative play and many other ways kids grow and learn. Play dough is colorful, soft, and allows kids to be creative for hours. But play dough’s only problem is that it sticks to everything, especially carpet.

So, everyone, especially mom, must know how to get playdough out of the carpet. Play-Doh is usually made from a polymer that makes it soft and sometimes sticky. It’s a ubiquitous toy that comes in many shapes and sizes.

People of all ages play it, from kids to young adults, which shows that it’s a great game. But the worst thing about it is that it sticks to everything, especially carpets, which is annoying. Don’t worry if you found your baby-making shapes with play dough on the mat.

When this happens, it doesn’t mean your carpet is falling apart. It just means you must clean it, but there are ways to get rid of sticky or hard things. We have some excellent ideas for getting play dough out of the carpet.

How to Clean Play-Doh Off Carpet

You can get rid of play dough in different ways. Just follow these easy steps to get Play-Doh out of the carpet.

Step 1: Let the playdough dry

Let the play dough dry out before you try to take it off. After the play dough has dried, it is much easier to get rid of. The problem will only worsen if you try to wash play-doh out of a carpet.

Step 2: Take a stiff brush

You will need a stiff brush. Ensure to utilize a clean, new toothbrush. You can use a toothbrush, but a scrub brush is better.

Step 3: Loosen up dry play dough

Loosen the dry play dough with the toothbrush and apply more pressure if necessary.

Step 4: Vacuum your carpet

Once the play dough is loose, you can clean the area well with a vacuum. A spoon or a butter knife can also be used. Slowly and carefully, scrape off as much dry substance as possible without cutting the carpet fabric. If you still see dried play dough after using a vacuum, spoon, or knife, repeat steps 3 and 4 as needed.

Step 5: Wash with mild soap and cold water

If you can’t get all the playdough out of the carpet, you may need to wash it with mild soap and cold water. Also, do steps 3 and 4 again.

Step 6: Dry carpet with a towel

Then, rinse the carpet to remove any cleaning agents and dry it with a towel. And now your carpet looks as good as new.

Easy and Soft Solution:

Pick up big or loose pieces of play dough from the carpet with your hand. If the pieces still stuck in the rug are soft, flick at them with a ball of delicate white fragments, so they don’t leave any color behind.

Utilize your hands to separate the carpet fibers just a little bit to get to the deep play dough. Little pieces of dried Play-Doh, lint, and dust will stick to the soft material. Now it’s time to wait until the play dough is completely dry to eliminate any pieces that won’t come off.

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How to Clean Play-Doh Stains from Carpet

Once the play dough is gone, you’ll need to remove the pigment stain correctly to get your carpet back to how it was. Like any other stain, the playdough pigment stain must be cleaned up immediately, so it doesn’t spread.

Treat stains as soon as you can after they happen. The longer a color has been there, the worse it is to get rid of. If you want a stain on your carpet, you should always follow the manufacturer’s instructions. However, these tips will help you get most play dough stains out of your carpet.

  • Step 1: If you want to get the color of play dough out of your carpet, try using soapy water. Don’t soak your carpet. Instead, work in small areas with a white cloth, towel, or sponge. Make sure the white fabric is damp but not dripping wet.
  • Step 2: Keep looking at the towel to see if it has soaked up the color. Move to a clean part of the white cloth as the playdough scraps and dye transfer from the surface. Move to a clean piece of the towel, so you don’t make the color spread even more.
  • Step 3: You can also eliminate play dough stains with white vinegar. Mix 4 regions of cold water with 1 piece of white vinegar, then dip a dry white cloth into this mixture. Draw out excess liquid. Repeat step 2 as many times as you need to eliminate the stains.
  • Step 4: After removing the stains from the carpet, hang it up to dry and give it a good vacuuming.

Tip for Stain Remover:

The shortly you take care of a stain, you will likely get rid of it. Unless the stain is significant, the best way to rinse it is with mostly cold water. Before you use a cleaning solution, test it on a normal part of the fabric, like the inside of the sleeve, to ensure it won’t make the material fall apart. 

To get rid of a stain, you should always use one cleaning solution before switching to a new one because some chemicals shouldn’t be mixed. Before you try to clean up a play-dough stain on your carpet, do as the above section says and read the manufacturer’s instructions carefully. 

The rug may fade if you rub the mat too hard to eliminate play-dough stains. Most of the time, blotting a color with a white towel or cloth is the best way to get rid of it. Fold a clean white cloth or towel. 

After treating the play dough stain with water, gently dab it with a towel and see how much of the color has moved to the white cloth. If you buy a stain remover to eliminate play dough stains, always read the directions to know how to use it right.